Sony Playstation

I'd won awards on this account above-the-line and, once i'd been hired as CD of Claydon Heeley, I had a chance to do the same thing in the intergrated space. Great work, and awards, followed...



Despite what you might think, PlayStation budgets weren’t huge. The clever thing about this piece was getting the A-Z Map Company to let us use, and completely rewrite, their map of Central London – FOR FREE! Each street name was replaced with an appropriate line of East-End dialogue from the game, including “TORCH THE CAR, BUY ANOTHER!” to replace the street name of Birdcage Walk that runs between Green Park and Buckingham Palace.

The creative team, Chris Felstead and Gary McNulty, and Designer Rick Holt gave up many nights and several weekends of their own time to add the necessary craft to the execution. It picked up several awards, including a Silver at Campaign Direct. Deservedly so.




Range mailers tend to be bland affairs. Not this one. As Creative Director, I wanted every piece to reflect the quality expected of a Sony PlayStation brief. This was a DIY ‘Sorry’ card whereby the gamer could put together their own (outrageous) excuses for being late – secretly, because they’d been too engrossed in one of the range of games.

The team were Chris Felstead and Gary McNulty. The piece was awarded ‘In book’ at D&AD.