SHELL fuels: Global retail.

One of my responsibilities at JWT was trying to keep the SHELL GLOBAL RETAIL account on track.

Creating planet-sized, integrated toolkits across complex, culturally diverse markets in the face of political disapproval was not a task for the faint-hearted. But we had a passionate team of account handlers and planners. Our team effort meant the work was consistently strong, and the day-to-day running of business actually became a lot of fun.




Shell wanted to target Formula One enthusiasts through further leverage of their incredible 60-year partnership with Ferrari. The aim was to raise awareness of V-Power fuel and Helix Ultra lubricants. We gave them what seemed like a simple button banner, which expanded dramatically into this evocative, highly engaging dashboard. Streaming videos, race info and weather updates, live Twitter feeds, never-seen-before content – you name it, we built it into this banner. The content was then repackaged for every Shell-sponsored Grand Prix. The petrol heads loved it. The energy and dynamism of the design came thanks to the talented Lee Casey – who has now set up Hatched.



a golden age.

We even created a set of Retro posters, which only Shell had the heritage to pull off. Lovely design by Andrew 'Whopper' Carlistle. 


The team on this gargantuan suite of work was a tightly-knit mix of account handling, planning and production. The core creative team was Nick Thompson and myself, Chris Jones and Kell Lunam-Cowen, Matt Searle and Sarah Levitt, with the resourceful Graham Bagwell delivering everything on time - with a smile.