I was ECD on this account whilst at RMG – we produced and delivered several huge campaigns and, always, always, always under incredibly tight timelines. 


'MAPS': 360-degree integrated campaign

This UK-wide campaign was to launch the new Nokia ‘Maps’ 2.0 Navigation Service. The task (for various reasons) was Herculean. The comms needed to hit 12 major cities with over 100 different specs of communications – all to be conceived, created, produced and implemented within three weeks. Incredibly, it was delivered on time, and the campaign was also very effective. Thank you to our Head of Production, Bill McGeorge. Creatives were Tim Noble and Gem Hagan, Paul Waddup and Dan Colley.






When is a boring bus side not just a boring bus side? When it harnesses GPS tracking to create specific messaging determined by the location of the bus… that’s when.

And it was a first – non-stop thinking to help launch the new Nokia ‘Maps’ 2.0 Navigation Service by Tim Noble and Gemma Hagan.


Absolutely love this idea – a complete ‘app-vertising’ campaign in just two letters. They being O and K. (Pronounced ‘OCK’.) OK is at the core of the word NOKIA. Get it? (Course you do – it's a little stick man on his side.) And our resourceful little ‘OK’ phone concierge is at the core of the NOKIA user’s social life. He’s a flexible, clever, resourceful, tech-savvy, jargon-busting little helper. UNBELIEVABLY, this OK app didn’t run. So I’ve included him here, because he needs to strut his stuff somewhere. Astoundingly simple insight from Tim Noble and Gem Hagan.